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The family has a tremendous impact on the spiritual lives of their families. Our ministry puts resources into the hands of parents and grandparents to help them impress the hearts of their children for the Lord and to pass on a legacy of faith.


TOGETHER@HOME is an initiative to promote families doing and learning together at home:

learning about Jesus, the Gospel, the Bible, prayer, God's love, shared traditions, and special seasons of the church. 

TOGETHER @HOME is hands-on and intergenerational.

The resources below are activities that we pray will be fun, engaging,

and provide your family with the opportunity to grow stronger in your faith.

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Click the link below to download the cover and instructions.


Advent Scripture Cards

Download the cards and print doublesided on card stock. Cut them out and string them up using mini clothespins. Read one daily.

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Cookie Project

After decorating Christmas cookies, download and print out these hangtags doublesided on card stock. Cut them out and add them to the coolie packages for neighbors and friends.

Want a set of Nativity cookie cutters? To order, click below.

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Caroling Activity

Download and print these songsheets to use when caroling.

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Download, print and decorate these bookmarks to give to neighbors when you are caroling.

Pageant@Home Script 2020.png


Download and print the pageant script. Pass out roles to the whole family and gather costumes and props.


Nativity Coloring Sheets

Click the link below to go to a website with an assortment of free downloadable coloring sheets.

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