Are You Ready to Rally?

Rally Sunday is September 8th

The troops have been scattered hither and yon these last months but as the summer winds down, it's time to gather our St. Philip's family as we launch into a new school year!

August can be an exhilarating if not exhausting month as we attempt to return to a bit of normalcy, get our houses back in order, purchase school supplies and uniforms, etc. The church clergy and staff have enjoyed our time away and the slower pace of things around the parish, but I assure you that a great deal of planning has been happening too. We have an amazing year of worship, spiritual formation and fellowship events lined up and we cannot wait to share this all with you.

Rally Sunday is on September 8th and it is the time that all of these great plans will kick off. You don't want to miss the excitement! Look for details in the coming weeks of what we have planned. In the meantime, parents, be sure to register your children for Sunday School, Children's Worship and the Nursery so we can everything in order for the first day back. Click here to register your child now.

We can't wait to see you soon!

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